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Full text of "Articles of association of the Daughters of the Confederacy state of Missouri."

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Hrtieles of association 

...of tbe... 



of tbe 

State of flIMssoud 




Department of State. 

I, Alexander A. Lesueur, Secretary of State 

of the State of Missouri, hereby certify that the an- 
nexed pages contain a full, true and complete copy 
of the articles of association or agreement, in writing, 
ERACY OF MISSOURI, with the several cer- 
tificates thereon, filed September 1st, 1897, as 
the same appears on file, as the law directs, in this 

In Testimony Whereof, I hereunto set my hand 
and affix the Great Seal of the State 
[L. S.] of Missouri. Done at office, in the 

City of Jefferson, this 1st day of Sep- 
tember, A. D. 1897. 


Secretary of State. 

— 2- 

We, the Undersigned, hereby associate ourselves together 
for the purpose of forming a benevolent organization under 
the provisions of Article 10 of Chax>ter 42 of the Revised 
Statutes of Missouri, 1889; and we adopt the following: 

ARTICLE I.— Name. 
The name of the corporation shall be the "Daughters 
of the Confederacy of Missouri;" and its corporate exis- 
tence and powers shall continue, forever, and it shall have 

ARTICLE II.— Location. 

The chief office of the association shall be in- St. Louis, 

ARTICLE III.— Objects. 

The objects of the Association are: To obtain, erect and 
maintain a monument to- the memory of the Missouri Con- 
federate soldiers, designed to be everlasting and to be as 
magnificent as the means at the command of the corpora- 
tion can produce, ts> be lo -ea-ted^n - H^e-^4t^^o#-#l^--Loius, 
^Mtesourf> -A-nd-n-f^r-i±rts~"mo) ui men t shall have been duly 
erected, and with appropriate ceremonies, dedicated to the 
. memories of those whose memories it is designed to per- 
petuate, (lie Board of Directors may, if they see fit, « donate 
'•the same to the said City, provided tin- City assume, in a 
satisfactory form, the duty and obligation of maintaining 
the same. ""J^ [y^ TJr*f^SLs4J^Lj 

AT^a-tQ-uasga»trlTrtnrn7T^ n^jjitMwmwiyl: in the Confederate 
Cemetery, near Springfield, Missouri. ***- 

Also to give assistance to any worthy distressed Con- 
federate soldier, or his family. 

Also the encouragement of historical research in relation 
to the Southern Confederacy. 

The lust work of the Association shall be to complete the 

monument in Springfield, Missouri, at a cos 
than Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00.) 

not less 



1 ,-'-' 

Also we accept the Confederate Cernetary at Higgins- 
ville, Missouri, and assume the care and maintenance of 
same in a proper manner. 

ARTICLE IV.— Powers. 
This corporation shall have power and authority to ac- 
qulre,hold and use, for the purposes of its organization any . 
property, real or personal, that may be donated- to it, or 
that it may acquire by gift, purchase, devise or bequest, 
and may sell and convey the same and receive subscriptions 
and donations in money, etc. 

ARTICLE V. — Springfield Cemetery. 
This Corporation may also have the authority to receive, 
and hold in trust, the title to the property, known as the 
Confederate Cemetery, near Springfield, Missouri, but if 
the title to that property should De transferred to this Cor- 
poration, the same shall never be sold, but be forever held 
in sacred trust for the purpose of a Cemetery for those 
who were Confederate soldiers. 

.ARTICLE VL— Membership. - 
Section 1. The membership of this Corporation shall be- 
composed only of the wives, widows, mothers, sisters^ of 
'those who were in the service of the Confederate Stapes, 
and their female decendants, and those women, and their 
female descendant^, who were in sympathy witli the Con- 
federate *ea*R?t (^Liyt^X^L^ 

Section 2. Every member of this Corporation shall be 
. eligible to any office in it, and all members shall have equal 
rights as such. 

Section 3. Each local Chapter may receive me%to Honor- 
ary Membership, upon such terms as it may seent. 

ARTICLE VII.— Meetings, State Organization. 
Section 1. The State Daughters of the Confederacy shall 
meet once a year at St. Louis, at such times as the By-laws 
may name, and until another day is so named such meet- 
ings shall be held on the first Wednesday in October, of 
each year. 





Section 2. The Slate Organization shall also meet at 
such other times and places as the President 'and Board 
of Directors may call, or as the By-laws may prescribe. 

Section 3. All members of this Corporation are members 
of the State Organization and entitled to participate in all 
its deliberations. 

Section 4. At all- meetings of the State Organization each 
member shall bo entitled to one vote, and each Local Chap- 
ter present, by its accredited representative, or representa- 
tives, shall be entitled to one vote for every ten of its mem- 
■ bers whose dues, up-to-date, have been paid, or transmitted 
to the Secretary of the State Chapter. 

Section 5. Each Local Chapter may, as it sees fit, select 
x ne or more of its members to represent it in the State Or- 
5Jjganization, and east therein the vote to which it is entitled. 

ARTICLE VIII. -Officers, State Organization. 

Section 1. The Officers of the State Organization shall 
be a President, a Vice-President, from each . Congressional 
Pislrict in the State, a Secretary and a Treasurer. 

Section 2. It will be the duty of the President to preside 
at all meetings of the State Organization and Board of 
Directors, when present, to see that the bonds required of 
the Secretary and Treasurer are properly executed with 
good security, and generally to be the Chief Executive of 
the Corporation. She shall appoint an Auditing Committee, 
whose duty it shall be to examine the books, accounts and 
vouchers of the Secretary and Treasurer, and render a 
report thereof at, least once a year to the Association. 

Section 3. All Vice-Presidents rank equally. At any 
meeting of the State Organization when the President is 
absent, the members present will select from the, Vice- 
Presidents, present, one to preside. 

Section 4. In the absence of the President, or in case of 
her death, or inability from any cause to perform any duty 
other tMn that' mentioned in the next preceding section, 




the Board of Directors will select one of the Vice-Presidents 
to act in her place. 

Section 5. The chief duty devolving on each Vice- Presi- 
dent is organizing and supervising Local Chapters in the 
State. They are especially enjoined to use every effort to 
organize as many Chapters in their respective districts, and 
bring into them as large a membership as possible, and 
when organized to encourage them in such social features 
as will insure their popularity and the financial prosperity 
of the Association. 

Section 6. The Secretary shall receive all moneys be- 
longing to the Corporation, giving receipts therefor, keep 
a strict account thereof, and immediately on receiving it, 
pay it over to the Treasurer, taking her receipt therefor. 
Sihe shall also see that the Secretary and Treasurer of each 
Local Chapter make their reports and remittances required 
by Sections 6 and 7, Article IX., of this Constitution. 

'Section 7. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys from 
the Secretary, giving her receipt therefor; shall make such 
disposition for the safe-keeping thereof as. the President, or 
Board of Directors, may order, and shall pay it out only on 
written orders, signed by the President, or presiding Vice- 
President and Secretary, 

Section 8. No officers shall be paid any salary, except the 
Secretary, who may be paid such sums as the Board of 
Directors may provide. 

Section 9. The Secretary and Treasurer shall each give 
bond and security in such amount as the Board of Directors 
may prescribe and approve. 

Section 10. No one shall hold office for more than two 
years successively. 

Section 11. There shall also be a Board of Directors, con- 
sisting of the President and the Vice-Presidents, seven Of 
whom will constitute a quorum. 

Section 12, The Board of Directors shall have general 
management of the business of the Corporation, subject to 
the will of the State Organization and may make By-laws 

not inconsistent with tliis Constitution and subject to the 
will of the State Organization. 

Section 13. The term of office is one year, and until the 
successor is elected and installed. 

Section 14. A vacancy occurring in an office before the 
expiration of the term shall be filled by the Board of Di- 

ARTICLE IX.— Local Chapters. 

Section 1. It is expected that the chief work of collect- 
ing funds and keeping up and maintaining the Organization 
and usefulness of this Corporation;, will be clone through 
the instrumentality of the Local Chapters. 

Section 2. Each Vice-President is authorized to organize 
and charter Local Chapters in the State. 

Section 3. There should be at least one Chapter in each 
County, and as many more as the Vice-President in that 
district may see nf to charter. 

Section 4. Any six persons who possess the qualifica- 
tions of membership prescribed by Section 1 of Article VI. 
may, with the sanction of the Vice-President of that dis- 
trict, form a Chapter. The application to form a Chapter 
shall be in writing, signed by those wishing to do so, ad- 
dressed to the Vice-President of that District, and accom- 
panied by the membership fee of $1.00, for each member. 
On receiving such application-, said Vice-President will at 
once appoint a lime and place for the meeting, and when 
(lie applicants have assembled, they will proceed to organize 
the Chapter, by' selecting its officers for the ensuing year, 
selecting a name for the Chapter and any other work of 
organization that the members may desire. The Vice- 
President will then notify the Secretary of the State Or- 
ganization by mail, of the organization, giving the name of 
the Chapter and the names of the officers, and remit at the 
same time the fees, for membership collected. Thereupon 
the Secretary of the State Organization will give to line 
Chapter so organized a number, and the Chapter will there- 
after be known by the name it has chosen for itself, and 

by the number given it by the Secretary of the State Organi- 
zation. The Chapters shall be numbered in the order in 
which they are organized. 

Section 5. The officers of a Chapter shall be a President, 
Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall each 
perform the duties usually incident to her office, and such 
other duties as may be lawfully required of her. 

Section G. The Secretary shall keep a record of the pro- 
ceedings of her Chapter, and shall collect from each member 
who joins the Chapter, at the time of joining, the member- 
ship fee of $1.00, and shall also collect from each member 
$1.00 a year for dues. The fee of $1.00 paid by the member 
at the time of joining covers both her initiation fee and her 
dues up to the first day of January thereafter, and the 
annual dues of one dollar begin from that date. The 
Secretary on or before the first day of July of eacih year 
shall report to the Secretary of the State Organization the 
number of members of her Chapter, and the amount of 
money collected by her for membership and dues from 
any other source. Whenever the Secretary shall collect any 
money, she shall immediately pay if over to the Treasurer 
of her Chapter, taking her receipt for the same. 

Section 7. The Treasurer of a Chapter shall receive all 
moneys from the Secretary, which the latter collects from 
the members, or from any other source, and shall render 
an account thereof to her Chapter, at least once a year, and 
oftener if the chapter, so require, and she shall on the first 
day of January and the first day July in each year, trans- 
mit to the Secretary of the State Organization all moneys 
received by her, up to those dates respectively; provided, 
however, each .Chapter may, if it sees fit, retain, to expend 
for the charitable purposes mentioned in Article III., ten 
per cent of all moneys collected by it other than for member- 
ship dues. 

Section 8. The President of the Chapter shall appoint am 
Auditing Committee, whose duty it will be to examine the 
books and accounts and vouchers of the Secretary and 
Treasurer and render a report thereof at least once a year 
to the Chapter. 


Section 9. Each Chapter may adopt such regulations as 
it sees fit, for the social features of the organization, and 
to raise money for the purposes set forth in Article III. 

Section 10. Each Chapter may make By-Laws for itself, 
not inconsistent with this Constitution or the By-Laws or 
orders of the State Organization; 

ARTICLE X.— Membership in Local Chapters. 

Section 1. Every member of a Chapter is a member of 
the State Organization and entitled to all the rights and 
privileges as such. 

Section 2. Each Chapter may make its own regulations 
as to admitting members, provided none shall he admitted 
who do not possess the qualifications prescribed in Article 
VI., Section 1. 

Section 3. No one shall become a member until she shall 
have paid the membership fee of $1.00, or until it shall have 
been paid for her, and when the membership feels so paid, 
it will cover all dues up to January first, thereafter. 

Section 4. No one shall exercise the privileges of a mem- 
ber, either of a Chapter, or of the State Organization, while 
her dues for the time being remain unpaid. 
ARTICLE XL— Amendments. 

This Constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds 
of the. votes cast at a regular meeting of the State Organi- 
zation, provided that the proposed amendment shall have 
been offered at the next preceding meeting, or written notice 
thereof be sent to the Secretary of all Local Chapters at 
least sixty clays before the meeting at which it is to be 
voted on. 

And we do hereby appoint .Mrs. Louis Ilouck to be 
President, Mrs. .L S. Bowen to be Secretary, Mrs. Ii. W. 
Tarcels to be Treasurer of this Association, for the first 
year, and until the first meeting of the State Organization 
after the charter for the Corporation is obtained, and we 
authorize them to take all proper steps to obtain a charter 
from the State of Missouri.